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Custom software development: Get web applications that allow you to outcompete your rivals.

Olamisan Solutions gives you a full range of custom software development services. From bespoke Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions to custom web enterprise applications, we give you effective tools to help you outcompete your rivals in the competitive marketplace.
Our custom software developers give you bespoke web applications that allow you to drive efficiencies and find successful outcomes to your operational challenges.

Why work with Olamisan Solutions?

  • Quality is everything to us. Our reputation is based on the quality of the software we develop for you. So we ensure you get the perfect solution to your unique business challenges.
  • We deliver you project on budget, on time – every single time.
  • Using Scrum, Agile and TDD, we always use industry standard software development processes.
  • You can build a long-term business relationship with Olamisan Solutions – meaning you have a trusted partner to turn to as your business grows.
  • We work fast but with an exquisite attention to detail.
  • As a team we ensure our knowledge and skills are kept at the very forefront of web development technology trends. In our industry, you can be moving forward and still get left behind. So you can be confident you’re dealing with industry experts.

But why choose to have custom web applications developed?

You could just buy an off-the-shelf commercial application. But that means you’re missing a huge opportunity to drive greater efficiency and innovation in your business. And that means a missed opportunity to gain a competitive advantage over your business rivals. With custom web enterprise applications:
  • You get what your business needs. Off-the-shelf will never solve all your problems, often giving you functions you don’t need and omitting ones you do. Bespoke software development will give you applications that deal specifically with your unique operational challenges.
  • It is often quicker to create and implement. Selecting, installing and training for an off-the-shelf software product still takes time. The impact of software on business processes and the risks involved still have to be assessed. We can give you quick, agile and custom solutions – meaning you can solve problems fast.
  • It no longer has to break the bank. Commissioning bespoke CRM or other web applications is not expensive. The development landscape has changed dramatically in the last ten years. Now the platforms and tools are there to allow bespoke applications to be developed quickly and cost-effectively.

Why trust Olamisan Solutions with your custom web enterprise applications?

  • We have years of experience building custom web applications – meaning your projects are always completed successfully.
  • We’re expert Microsoft Asp.Net web application developers.
  • Our developers have Microsoft Certified Professional and Certified Web Developer certifications – this means you can have confidence in our team.
  • We follow a robust development methodology and conduct a rigorous quality assurance process. If we had a motto, it would be: “Test it until you’re sure, and then test it again.”
So to gain a competitive advantage over your business rivals, get in touch today to learn how we can make your business work smarter, not harder. Fill out an enquiry now and we’ll get back to you fast.
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  • Software Development Services

    Custom web enterprise applications: designed to drive productivity and improve efficiency

    We apply the latest Microsoft technologies to create the best possible software solution for you – the kind of custom application that works to overcome your specific operational challenges.
    At Olamisan Solutions we undertake every aspect of your project. For full life- cycle and custom solutions that means:
    • Product design and analysis
    • Prototyping
    • Incremental Development Approach
    • Full Product Testing Cycle
    • Customization Services
    • Localization Services
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  • Software Development Technology
    Expert .Net software developers to help your business work smarter
    We’ve built a team of software developers that are equipped to design the very best applications for your business. We specialize in the following .Net Technologies:
    • ADO.NET programming
    • ASP.NET programming
    • Base Class Libraries programming
    • Common Language Runtime programming
    • .NET Compact Framework programming
    • Windows CardSpace programming
    • Windows Communication Foundation programming
    • Windows Forms programming
    • Windows Presentation Foundation programming
    • Windows Workflow Foundation programming
    • Microsoft Dynamics CRM programming
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  • How it Works (FAQ)
    Successful software development is all about the quality of the process
    We like to make the process as simple, robust and transparent as possible for you. So this page is all about how it works when you hire Olamisan Solutions. The quality of our relationship with you has a direct impact on the success of the project. The better we communicate, the more likely our software solution will meet your needs exactly.

    What to expect from our custom software development process:
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